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Finger tattoos are hot at the moment. But there are many challenges. On the surface, they seem like a small and simple tattoo. But there are many aspects to consider before you tattoo a full set of finger decorations.

I have been tattooing for 18 years, and I have seen finger tattoos come and go. Maybe you’re considering getting a tiny cute finger tattoo to flaunt your personal style. Maybe it’s your first tattoo and you want to start small. Maybe you are getting hitched and are choosing to permanently ink your commitment on with wedding tattoos. Whatever the reason, here are some serious facts you need to know before going for it.

1. Finger Tattoos Fade

The skin on your fingers takes tattoo ink differently than most parts of your body. This is due to the active nature of our hands, the frequency with which we wash our hands, and the nature of the skin—which is thick but not backed by much fat and has a lot of movement over the bone. If you decide you want a finger tattoo, expect to get it touched up fairly regularly.

2. It Really Hurts

Your fingers are full of nerves and the skin lays right on the bone. Therefore, without a doubt, finger tattoos tend to hurt way more than most other placements on the body. So, if you’re getting an impulsive tattoo—and you don’t handle pain very well, perhaps find another body part. Check out The 10 most painful places to get tattooed.

People often get finger tattoos as a symbol of love, commitment, or an important message or statement for the world. By embracing the pain, the pain becomes a part of the experience and emphasizes your meaning behind the tattoo. Luckily finger tattoos are small and therefore over pretty quickly.

3. Never Perfect

The finger tattoo may not be the right place to put that detailed artistic design you’ve been dreaming of. Because of the tricky nature of the skin, black ink doesn’t come off very dark, colors aren’t as bright, and tattoo lines tend to be a bit blurry. If you are gonna be all perfectionist and particular about how it looks, don’t get it on your finger. Keep it simple. Simple line art and letters look good. Stay away from images and designs that are so small that the ink breaks apart or bleeds and you can’t tell what it is.

4. You Need to Commit to Upkeep

If you want your finger tattoo to look good in the long run, you need to get it touched up fairly regularly. You’ll know when it’s time when the ink fades and it looks more like a tattoo on a 75-year-old sailor than something you had done last year.

5. Broken Circle

The awesome thing about ring finger tattoos: They are so different than the traditional wedding ring. The most successful ones are the simple styles that keep to the tops of the finger. Diamond shapes, runes, initials, and dates are all examples of clear-lined tattoos that sit on the top of the finger usually look sweet.

Ink rings that circle the finger, will be more of a struggle. Often, the ink will “fall out” of the fleshy underpart of the finger. This basically means that the color doesn’t stay and you end up with a patchy ghost of a tattoo where your wedding ring used to be.

Now you know the real facts, and the best strategy for a successful visit to the tattoo shop for your first finger tattoo. Good luck!

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