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Do you regret a tattoo? Or maybe it just didn’t turn out the way you hoped? I’m so glad that there actually are realistic solutions for those who regret their tattoos. The laser may not necessarily be the only way to get rid of a tattoo anymore. Let me show you my top 5 solutions…

1. Removing the Tattoo

Do you regret the total situation of getting a tattoo done in the first place? So you want to remove it completely and return to clean skin? Then the only solution is the laser. Period. Contact a good laser clinic and book a consultation. The largest tattoo laser clinics in Oslo have extremely good machines and good employees. Do not be fooled by those who have purchased laser machines from China and do not have a medical education, just to save some money. Getting laser removal is very expensive, it takes a really long time and it actually hurts quite a bit. But fortunately, it’s possible to get your natural skin back without any scars, so if that’s what you want it’s worth the money, the time and the pain.

Example of laser removal (after several sessions):


If the laser is out of the question for you, I have a couple of other ideas, so keep reading!

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Some things to think about before removing your tattoo

2. Fixing the Tattoo

You have a tattoo that you really care about. It is of importance to you, but may not be as nice as you like. Perhaps the tattoo artist was not as good as you thought, or maybe the tattoo healed bad and became weak and uneven. Then there is hope with a Fix-Up. A Fix-Up is when you use what you have, but just make it nicer by adding ink on top. It’s like drawing on top of an image. I personally love this, as it is very challenging but extremely fun. You get the opportunity to challenge your inner artist, as it requires a lot of drawing skills and creative visions. It must usually be done freely, that is, either sketching a marker on the tattoo before tattooing or just tattooing straight on and improvise all the way. It’s hard to plan in advance and make the perfect fit, but it’s still possible to get an incredibly much better version of the tattoo you had in the first place.

Here are some Fix-Ups I have done, to show what could be possible:

3. Covering Up the Tattoo

Maybe the tattoo is beyond fixing? Or you don´t like the tattoo at all, but enjoy having a tattoo on that placement? Maybe you just want another kind of tattoo with a completely different meaning? Then we can just make a new tattoo on top of the old one, covering it completely. But remember that it needs to be bigger and darker, and include details and variations to fool the eye. That could mean a pricey tattoo. Sometimes you have to tattoo several layers to completely cover it.

Check out Everything you need to know about Coverup Tattoos

Here are some Cover-Ups I have done:

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5 Solid Solutions when You have a Really BAD Tattoo

4. Blast Over the Tattoo

This is not something I have experience with myself, but I have one on my neck, and I have seen a lot of really cool Blast Overs. A typical blast over tattoo is a dramatic design of bold black line work with plenty of negative space. It´s usually on people with lots of tattoos. It looks rough like it´s not that big of a deal. Some like it, some don´t. It is basically tattooing on top of an old tattoo, not caring about what´s there that much. They add a stunning new dimension that will renew your love for your old tattoos. And if you’re running out of clear canvases on your body, but you still want to experiment with tattoo designs, the blast over tattoos are an innovative alternative. Here is a cool example of a Blast Over:

Artistic Male Blast Over Tattoo Ideas With Skull And Dagger Traditional Design

5. Blacking Out the Tattoo

This has been the “last resort” for those who really regret a tattoo, but lately, Blackwork has grown into a trending artistic style. Both in detailed black drawings and art, but also the total black big spaces, to cover old tattoos. It looks totally badass and is not for the faint-hearted. Here is an awesome example of blackwork:


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