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Last spring, 2015, this girl, a police woman named Line, came in for a consultation, wanting to fill the blank spaces on her back with Animals of Africa, since she works part time in Africa helping out with Lions.

This is how Lines back looked at the consultation:

2015-02-23 13.51.10

I sent her my design, and it included covering up everything she had on her back, so we could use the whole area as a big canvas. She, as most, didn´t think that would be possible, but I am an optimist! I say “Everything is possible!”

Many of the pictures of the animals, Line actually took herself on her trips to Africa!


First session I tattooed the Water Buffalo. The preparation took 1,5 hours, tattooing also 1,5 hours.

29 may 2015 – This was the result of our first session:

2015-05-29 13.17.48

The second session:

2015-06-02 10.14.48

The shoulder before…2015-06-02 10.19.09

The stencil…  2015-06-02 11.39.06

Covering the most I can with the first layer…

2015-06-02 12.57.58

You can still see some of the old tattoos underneath, we will need one more layer after this part has healed..

3rd Session:

2015-06-17 12.33.25

After 25 hours in total:

2015-09-03 17.16.04

As you can see, some parts of the old tattoo still show, and I will need to do some touching up here and there, especially in the neck area…

2015-09-03 16.58.58

I hope you enjoyed this Backpiece Coverup Project.

Line has now also started covering up her leg, and next spring we are covering her right arm, full sleeve, so you will probably see more of her in my blog in the future…

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