(Last Updated On: October 25, 2019)

Hey everyone, it has been a while since my latest update, but here it is, finally! I do have some good news, I will be back to work in September. I will start slow working part-time, and we will see how it goes.

Prioritized tattoos:

I will be prioritizing ongoing projects (projects I already started tattooing) and portraits (in color or black & grey) before considering brand new projects (even the ones that already have had consultations)

How to book:

As long as you are getting any of my prioritized tattoos above, you can just call the studio at +47 22201313 and book an appointment. I will open up one month in the book at a time. If fully booked, try again next month.

New projects:

I will NOT start any new and big projects (even the ones that already have had consultations) until I am back full-time. I am not sure when this will happen. I don’t like the thought of even more half-finished tattoos walking around for another year or so. Not fun for either of us…

So for those of you that want to get started with your new tattoo, either you keep waiting for me to get back, or consider going to another tattoo artist. I am truly sorry that you have waited for this long, to know that you have to wait some more. But if you consider going to another tattoo artist, the reception at ATTITUDE will help you by choosing the perfect artist for you.

Thanks for your patience!

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