(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Hey guys. after many months of not knowing what will happen and when I now finally know what’s going to happen in my nearest future. The most important thing for me is that I hopefully will have less pain very soon. While waiting, I am on sick leave and taking care of myself, my family, the studio and my hobbies.

Lower back surgery

I will be having surgery in my lower back at the end of April. They said it won’t be much painful afterward, but I should take it easy and not carry any heavy objects for a couple of months. And since little Niko is such a big boy now, already at 10 kilos, I will not be able to carry him for a while… So that is actually the first challenge. They also told me not to sit too much in chairs during the first weeks. That means I might have to take a break from my hobbies for a while too…

Knee Surgery

A few weeks after the lower back surgery, I will have another surgery, in my knee. We are not sure if we will go for the 100% version, or the quick fix yet. The 100% version, the big fix, is to correct all of my 3 errors and rehabilitate for 6 months. The quick fix will do all but one, and get me back on my feet after one month. But the big quick might leave the risk of having to go in later for the big fix, which will postpone me from coming back for several months.

I will be back

I am guessing, that I will be back after the summer, hopefully in August, if we do the quick fix. and everything goes after plan. It is depending a lot on the knee surgery. If we need to do the big fix, I won’t be back until December or next year. So hopefully the quick fix is good enough.

I will give you guys a new update as soon as I know more.


If you want to wait for me, and get a tattoo from me when I get back, you just send a request through attitude.no and if I am the correct artist for you, you will get a link to my waiting list. I will contact everyone on the waiting list as soon as I know my booking dates.

Thank you so much for your patience.

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