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Do you have a tattoo session booked to get a tattoo? Is it a tiny tattoo? Or did you book a full day for a bigger project? Then I have some good advice on what you should bring so you get the best experience.

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4 things you need to bring to your Tattoo Session

1. An outfit that exposes the tattoo area

If you are getting tattooed on your thigh, you will struggle a bit if you wear tight jeans. Then the pants must come off completely. Short shorts could be smarter. Imagine that the tattoo artist should have easy access to the entire area that’s going to be tattooed.

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If you have a tattoo session for many hours, it’s smart with comfortable and soft clothes. You do not have to dress up for the appointment. Be sure to wear clean clothes. The tattoo itself is an open wound, and thus very susceptible to bacteria. If you have long hair and is going to get a tattoo on your upper body, it’s a good idea to put your hair up tight. Clean hair is important in case it should touch the area that you are getting tattooed.

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2. Food to fill up your energy

If you are going to sit in the tattoo chair for more than 3 hours, it’s very smart to bring something to eat and drink because you will need an energy refill. Coffee, fruits and energy drinks can cause thinner blood, so don’t overdo it. The banana though is super good. It gives you loads of energy without thinning your blood too much. Bring a packed lunch, something to drink, maybe some chewy snacks or candy if you like it. It is most often allowed to enjoy small snacks in the chair. I always bring candy.

4 things you need to bring to your Tattoo Session

Just remember that it’s best to bring something crumble-free, so no salty nuts, potato chips or giant baguettes in the tattoo chair. You should eat those kinds of food in the waiting room or another place that you most likely will be notified when you are there. If you have set up a whole day, it is normal to take a longer break in the middle of the day, if you want to go grab some lunch or get some time to eat your packed lunch.

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3. Tattoo session Entertainment

Some tattoo artists are very entertaining and keep the conversation going during a tattoo session, while others prefer to work in total silence. Then you may want to bring some kind of entertainment. Today, smartphones are full of entertainment, so it goes without saying that they can help you to pass the time. Remember to pack a charger.

Some bring a book, an iPad, or even homework. Some choose to bring a friend. You should always ask if its okay before you bring someone. Many artists prefer a quiet working environment, and with friends around you, you can quickly become a difficult customer, as it’s easy to forget to sit still, maybe you’re laughing suddenly or being very talkative.

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4 things you need to bring to your Tattoo Session - electriclinda.net
Here I tattooed Mac Miller, who was a good boy wearing shorts, had snacks and entertainment for his tattoo session.

4. Payment for the tattoo

Please check in advance with your studio, whether they take cards, credit cards, cash or any other kind of payment. Then you don’t have to go to the ATM after. The price of a tattoo is often difficult to know exactly, as many artists charge by the hour, but if you get an estimate, it’s easier for you to be prepared for this. At our shop, Attitude, we take Norwegian bank Cards /Visa or cash. No credit cards. Yet.

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4 things you need to bring to your Tattoo Session - electriclinda.net

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