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A brand new Room

I have been given a new room in the shop to make my tattoo workspace. Finally, I get to look out the window towards the back alley with the trees and the birds. The street view is also great, but the sounds from a busy street cant compared to birds singing, right?

So when I got back to work after the maternity leave, it was in a brand new room, never used for tattooing before. It used to be Marius´ office, and before that, it was our kitchen. Things really have changed these last years at Attitude Tattoo Studio.

The walls in this room are dark panel, so the room is going to be pretty dark. Therefore I needed to make my interior ideas fit into that dark room.

My old room

Remember my last room? The one upstairs, in the corner, looking out to the streets. It was redecorated when we rebuilt the studio in March. This is how my last room looked like right before I changed rooms:

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And right before that, during the time I filmed my Youtube Videos, it looked like this:

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What I bought

I did do some shopping. After redecorating my tattoo rooms that many times, I am getting closer and closer to the perfect tattoo room. Like with the issue with the ink bottles…

Nail Polish Racks

In my last room, the ink bottles stood on some shelves.  But the shelves were inside the cabinet, so I had to get up and open the cabinet to get a bottle. This time I wanted the ink bottles to spread out on the wall, without using any room space or need big shelves or cabinets. So when I found these thin nail polish shelves, I hoped for the best and ordered 4 pack of 3. My bottles fit perfectly (at least 12 bottles per rack, depending on the size of the bottles), and I got to divide the colors into the color circle order. I got these from Amazon. BUY THEM HERE!

Ring Light

The ring light is totally amazing for taking photos of fresh tattoos since it’s not that stingy shine you get from camera flashes. I got the 18 Inches Adjustable 2700-5500K Color Temperature, SAMTIAN Dimmable SMD LED with 78″ Light Stand, including Phone Holder and DSLR holder. One thing I forgot to check was the power adapter. I got the American type (A), but I just bought a converter for my European socket (F). It is absolutely amazing! I totally love it! The Dimmer is awesome, the temperature volume is great, and you can also tilt it downwards if you want to take Flatlay pictures or record a drawing timelapse! BUY IT HERE!

Metal Grate with add-ons

I wanted to be able to put my markers, tape, scissors, and other small stuff up on the wall above my workstation. So I found this metal grate with shelves, boxes, hooks, and clips at LAGERHAUS in Norway. I found a very similar metal grate on Amazon RIGHT HERE if you prefer.

Philips Hue Ceiling lamp

This awesome dimmable and temperature led lamp was the perfect crown of my room. With an included remote (or by your smartphone or tablet if you get the wifi hub), choose the perfect light setting for any mood or activity such as reading or relaxing, concentrating, or energizing. Pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system. Which means I have the perfect lighting for making tattoos, AND for when I film my videos. BUY IT HERE!

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What it looks like Now!

I am very happy with my new room. I just love making tattoos in my new room and can’t wait to make lots of Youtube videos for you guys.

Click on photo to see full sized slides

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