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If you just got tattooed, you know you need to take really good care of it. The aftercare is very important. The tattoo is an open wound and is very receptible to bacterias during the first week. But there are ways to still be able to exercise with a new tattoo if you want to.

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Wash hands and equipment

Your immune system is lowered right after getting tattooed, so you have a higher risk of getting infected by airborne diseases. So wash your hands often, and clean the workout equipment you will be touching before using it.

Moisturize it

When the tattoo is healing, it may get very dry at times. If its dry, and you move around a lot, you can in the worst cases rip the skin. That can ruin the tattoo and will give you a crust, and therefore a bigger risk of an infection. So to avoid this, moisturize the tattoo before you put on any protection over it. I personally recommend TattooMed products. We sell them at Attitude Tattoo StudioTattooMed After Tattoo for totally fresh tattoos, and TattooMed Cleansing Gel for washing it. After it’s healed, TattooMed Daily Tattoo Care is a very good creme. And if you are out in the sunlight with your tattoos, always remember sunscreen. TattooMed Sun Potection FPS50 is awesome and smells totally amazing!

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Protect the tattoo

Your tattoo is as I said, an open wound the first week, and very open for bacterias that can really destroy your tattoo. Protect the tattoo with a clean plastic wrap or a big band-aid to keep it safe from any harm. Remember to let it breathe again after the workout. Don’t wrap it too long.

Listen to your body

You can run and sweat, pump and spin almost as much as you feel like. But listen to your body as you go, and listen to the tattoo. Take it slow, don’t forget that your body is trying to heal your tattoo, and is focused on that. So if you turn the focus to your extreme workout, the tattoo might not heal as well. If you do a specific movement that really makes your tattoo hurt more, don’t do that very movement. Try an alternative.

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How to exercise safely with a brand new tattoo

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That’s it. Have a great work out, and good luck with your new tattoo!

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