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A lot of you are waiting for my appointment book to open up. I am very thankful for your patience, cause mine is almost running out…

Long story short…

As some of you know, I have started a health-related journey to become pain-free. After several years with the wrong diagnosis, I learned that my knee has a torn cruciate ligament, a broken meniscus and a cyst which gets inflamed when I move around too much. This knee has been painful for the last two years, and it is getting worse every day.

I have also had pain in my lower back since I had my daughter 12 years ago. I have had a prolapse for several years without the worst of symptoms. Five months ago I started getting even more pain, known as sciatica pain. Nerves from the lower back are jammed and therefore giving me small electrical shocks several times a day.


This week I have been around to get more information about my health and get some insight into what to do with my growing pain here and there.

First I had my third consultation with the knee surgeon. I thought I was going to get the operation date for my knee this time. But no, he just sent the request for surgery and said that I will probably get the knee surgery sometime in March, but he still couldn’t give me a specific date.

I also got to alternatives, I could go for a “total clean up” surgery and fix all the problems in the knee, and have 6 months of restitution and “back to life”-training. Or, I could go for the “quick fix” surgery without fixing the cruciate ligament, and use crutches for four weeks. He said that I could go for the quick fix first, and IF I should still have lots of pain later, then we could go for the bigger surgery.

But he was a bit concerned about the prolapse in my lower back, which has given me sciatica pain for the last five months. He knew that I had an appointment with a neurologist later this week, so he said that if the neurologists wanted to fix the problems with surgery, he wanted to wait with the knee surgery until after the back surgery.

So I went to the neurologist to get an examination of my back and the nerves that are causing me pain here and there. After an almost one-hour long examination, she told me that she wanted to send me forward to a neurological surgeon to decide if it is best to have surgery or not. The problem is that she couldn´t say when this surgeon consultation would happen, from a few weeks up to a couple of months. That leaves me with a major dilemma…


AM having surgery, in my knee and maybe in my lower back, but I still don´t have any idea of when anything will happen. And since the pain is growing, I don´t know how long I can keep working. Therefore I will only book 2 weeks at a time from now on. Booking dates are:

  • Monday, February 25th we open up March 4-15  (if I can keep working)
  • Monday, March 11th we open up March 18-30  (if I can keep working)

Next Booking opens:

Booking is now Open!

Booking periods are open until the book is full, and we will keep booking in the same pattern as long as I can keep working.

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