I tattooed Mac Miller

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Yup! Mac Miller! So, it all started last Monday afternoon, when our shop manager Synøve Rex was asked if she knew a tattoo artist that was able to come to Mac Miller’s hotel room and tattoo him. I was lucky enough to just be there, so I said yes, and after some texting between managers and contacts, I packed my bag to go to his luxury hotel at Tjuvholmen in Oslo. I had my coworker Kim come with me to help as an assistant, take photos and just be himself, funny and calm, so that I could relax more.


The Thief

So we arrived at the Thief hotel, called the contact person, was told to wait, so we went up to the rooftop restaurant. I had a coffee and Kim had a beer, and after waiting for about half an hour we went down to the lobby to meet Mac and his friends, who just had dinner at a Sushi restaurant. We went up to his room and started talking about his plans, and I quickly stated that what he had in mind would be better to make in the shop, and not in a hotel room late at night.

But I did tattoo his friend and photographer Justin Boyd. It was his very first tattoo, a copy of his grandfather’s tattoo on his hand. After talking some more and planning the next step, we left the hotel and went home.

Justin Boyd getting tattooed by Electric Linda. Photo by Kim Dahlstedt
Kim Dahlstedt tattooing Mac Millers bodyguard at Attitude Tattoo Studio. Photo by Paul Pionèr

Attitude Tattoo Studio

The next day we closed the studio at the regular time, and about an hour later Mac Miller, Clockwork DJ, Justin Boyd, Mac´s bodyguard and a photographer that our contact had provided for us, showed up. First up, I made a little realistic ladybug just behind Clockwork D´s ear.

Kim tattooed Mac´s bodyguard, a key to symbolize his wife. Man, that was a big dude! I wouldn’t mind him looking out for my back, anytime 🙂

mac miller tattoo by electric linda
Mac Miller getting tattooed by Electric Linda. Photo by Justin Boyd

Tattooing Mac Miller

When I tattooed Mac, he was sometimes a little restless, so he had to play some games, and called some friends. Suddenly his girlfriend called – yes, Ariana Grande – on FaceTime! I heard them talking like a normal couple does, and suddenly Mac turns the phone towards me and she says “Hello what’s your name?” I almost choked, but was able to say my name, and reply a stiff copy to her “nice to meet you”. This just made my day, no, year, no actually my entire life!

Mac Miller checking out his brand new tattoo by Electric Linda at Attitude Tattoo Studio
Mac Miller checking out his brand new tattoo by Electric Linda at Attitude Tattoo Studio. Photo by Paul Pionèr

After all the tattoos were done, we took some cool photos and thanked each other for the awesome time.

Mac Miller visiting Attitude Tattoo Studio in Oslo. Photo by Paul Pionèr
Mac Miller taking selfies with Electric Linda. Photo by Paul Pionèr

These guys were so friendly, funny and nice boys. We felt so appreciated.

The Mac Miller photoshoot after all the new tattoos at Attitude. Photo by Paul Pionèr

We talked about “next time”, but you never know what happens in the future.

It was definitely a Once in a lifetime experience! Still chocked!

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