(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Yesterday Synøve, Kim and I attended the Fall Season Launch Event for TVNorge, to finally go official. It was located at the Hub, in Oslo.

In the lobby we started the day by taking a photo of everyone starring upcoming shows. To see that many celebrities in the same room with me was pretty star striking.

After the photo shoot we went to the 13th floor to watch the teasers, see some celebs on stage and finally be available to talk to the press and do photo shoots.

We have been filming since January, and finished in May. It has been extremely hectic, but soooo much fun! I am so glad that I got some practice in front of the camera thanks to my youtube channel, so to be filmed was not a problem for me. It was just fun to know that it will go on TV after the summer. The production company is “One Upper Media AS” – FACEBOOKWEBSITE

My biggest challenge with this is the stuff that follows. Like interviews, photo shoots and socializing. I especially have trouble with small talk. But I guess that will improve by just doing it! I don’t hate it, I’m just not good at it…

Here’s what the channel says about the show:

One of the most acclaimed tattoo studios in Norway is the site of a new workplace reality show at Dplay and FEM.

«Tatovørene» (The Tattoo Artists) is a workplace reality that shows life at one of Norway’s busiest and most renowned tattoo studios, Attitude Tattoo in Oslo. There are some of the most popular tattoo artists in Norway, including Electric Linda, who with her over 50 international awards is one of the industry’s most acclaimed artists and largest profiles.

The tattooists show a picture of the tattoo industry that is far from the dark and shabby shawls many automatically think of. Attitude Tattoo is a bright and open high-end studio in a thriving industry, with many months of waitlist and flowing with celebrities on the customer list, says Eivind Landsverk, program director at TVNorge and Discovery Norway.

Turned the ship

Electric Linda founded Attitude in 2008, but life as an artist did not fully harmonize with running a growing business, and the ship was about to sink. It was before the cohabitant, the uncompromising businessman Marius, took over the helm.

In »Tatovørene», the viewers meet both the colorful artists who work at Attitude, as well as many of the guests in the studio, whether they are celebrities or ordinary people looking for their personal tattoo, says Landsverk.

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