(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)

Hey boys and girls! As you might know, I am sort of stuck in my apartment these days, painfully pregnant. So to kill some time and mental energy, I want to try out something I have been wanting to try for such a long time.

No, I am not a “gamer”. But I do like playing computer games at times, like The Sims 4, Diablo III, WOW, Final Fantasy and many more. I am not very good, so streaming me gaming would not be interesting to many. But then I got the idea to stream what I do best, like tattoo talk and q&a, making Digital Art, reacting to tattoo stuff, and eventually tattooing when I am back to work.

As I always do when starting a new project, I study. I have studied Twitch for a few weeks now, and even though I am not all set up, I will start streaming today! Cause, why the heck not, right?

I will not have a set schedule during the beginning since I have to wing it when my mind and body is good to go. But I will shout it out on most of my social media. And if you follow me on Twitch and click on the notify thing, you will get notifications every time I go live.

So go and check out my Twitch Channel by clicking the image below, and I hope I get to chat with you soon!

First Stream Today at 11:00 CET

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See ya!

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