(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Ok, my first convention this year is over, the Oslo Tattoo Convention (OTC) 2012 was not perfect, but pretty ok, as always. The convention itself was poorly organized, smaller than last year, less public and no service like food or drinks for the artists what so ever! But there is something about the city itself, that makes me want to go back every year. It is my capital city, only 40 minutes from my shop, so it’s very conveniant. The afterparty is as always the plus side of the convention. I have always loved the Palace Grill we usually end up at, the music there is amazing!

Kim “Sketch” won his very first award, at his very first time working at a tattoo convention! That’s kind of cool, right? He won 2nd price Best New School, with an awesome zombie he made at the convention. We forgot to actually take a picture of the tattoo though, that sucks….

I won 3 awards, Best Big One, Best of Sunday and 3rd place Best Realistic. That’s kind of cool too! 🙂








Next convention is Copenhagen Ink Fest! Be there! Woop woop!

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