(Last Updated On: April 10, 2020)

Hey Guys! It’s time for a Patreon Update!

For quite some time I haven’t been able to give you what you signed up for on Patreon, and for that, I am very sorry. That’s why I have paused several months of payment because I really do not want to let you down, or make you feel mislead!

As you know, I will not be tattooing for a while, because of my Maternity leave. But if I can be totally honest with you guys, I am not sure how much I will be tattooing when I get back in October, because of my still going strong back pain. I do not want to stop tattooing, but maybe work part-time. I also really want to create content like making videos, write books, and of course, draw!

The BIG change in the tiers is the content specially made for tattoo apprentices and tattoo artists. These will no longer be a monthly, promised perk. I have been trying to organize and clean up the Patreon tiers the best I can so that they will be worth it, and still be perks that I can guarantee every single month. I hope you decide to stay, or change to another tier, but I totally understand if these new tiers are not what you want or need right now.

The Patreon update: new tiers from May 1st:

$2 «Buy me a coffee»

Pitching $2 a month is an epic way to begin supporting me and my work. With this pledge, you will get:

  • Access to my PATREON ONLY FEED
  • Participation in Patreon Polls
  • Invitation to secret Chat Community Facebook Group AND Discord


$5 «Awesome Supporter»

Pitching $5 a month helps a lot and takes your support to the next level! With this pledge amount you will get:

  • The «Ultimate Tattoo Guide» Ebook and all my future ebooks
  • Access to exclusive «Patreon Only» Tattoo Business Blog Posts and Videos on my website
  • All the lower tier perks


$10 «VIP member»

Pitching $10 is wonderfully appreciated! With this pledge amount you will receive:

  • Access to my entire digital library, with tattoo checklist PDF’s, templates, Tattoo fonts, digital brushes and lots of goodies
  • Monthly Patreon only Q&A live stream
  • 10% Discount on my Cybershop
  • All the lower tier perks


$25 «Mega VIP»

Pitching $25 is out of this world, and my mind is officially blown! With this pledge amount you will receive:


$50 «Ultra Mega VIP»

Pitching $50 is out of this universe, and I cannot thank you enough! With this pledge amount you will receive:

  • Featured on my website
  • 20% Discount on my Cybershop
  • 15% Discount on Tattoos
  • A monthly FREE small commission artwork
  • All the lower tier perks


$75 «Ultimate Sponsor»

What The? OMG! Are you serious? With this pledge amount you will get:

  • 25% Discount on my Cybershop
  • 20% Discount on Tattoos
  • «Sponsored by Your Name or Business» early in every YouTube video, video Description, and Website Sponsor Page
  • All the lower tier perks


That was my latest Patreon update. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for new tiers, perks, or other stuff.

See ya there!

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