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What can I say? The trip to Stockholm Ink Bash, New York and Trondheim Tattoo Convention was so intense, but very nice.

We took the bus to Gothemburg, and train from there to Stockholm on thursday. We started the weekend by meeting almost every attending artist at the tattoo shop “Infamous” like we have done every year. The convention was friday, saturday and sunday, but we had to say goodbye saturday night. We really had a blast, I tattooed some very cool people and hung out with some of my very best friends.

Sunday morning me and Alex from Rites of Passage flew to New York, via Reykjavik. Alex is a very good friend of mine, and he is organizing Copenhagens first tattoo event in 10 years! You have to check it out, cause it’s gonna be a blast! Copenhagen Ink Festival

The reason we went to New York was an awardsparty we were personally invited to, by Tony Romel, owner of Tattoo Society. There we met our friends Bob Tyrell, Roman, Stefano, Joe Capobianco, Paul Booth and many more.

New York itself was sooo super! It was my first time there, so we bought the whole package; a helicopter ride, tour buses, yellow cabs, central park, Top of the Rock, Jazz bars, Soul Jam Sessions, Gothic Shopping, shopping at Macy’s, and so on… I even got a tan!

So, wednesday afternoon we flew back home, or should I say New York – Reykjavik – Stockholm – Oslo – Trondheim… Alex went home to Copenhagen, and I went to Trondheim Tattoo Convention.

Trondheim is good city for it’s people, and it’s a good place to be a tattoo artist, but sadly it’s not the best convention I’ve been to… Anyway, I had a seminar there, where I tattooed a funny portrait of Ingrid Espelid on a friend of mine Freddy. I won “Best Big One” with that piece, “Best Colour” with my Ron Jeremy portrait and finally half the “Best of Saturday”
Me and Oddis from Purple Pain did a chestpiece together, my half in realistic and Oddis’ in Old School. It was so much fun, but still very diffucult, because of the movements by tattoong and wiping…


Now I’m back home, back to work in the shop, and spending time with my daughter.

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