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I do have quite a lot of experience when it comes to tattoos, and before every tattoo, there usually is a Tattoo Consultation. For 20 years it has been not only my full time job but also my lifestyle, my hobby, and you can maybe even call it my destiny or calling? I have specialized mainly in realism and portraits, but coverups and fixups soon became a huge part of my craft. Not only thanks to the growing demand for it but also because I totally loved it. To make a horrible tattoo look beautiful became my obsession. The more advanced and difficult, the better. I do love a challenge! These are examples of improvements I have made on tattoos:

After putting out a few tattoo advice videos on my youtube channel during the last years, people started asking me pretty much the same question over and over… They were wondering if I could take a look at their tattoo and give them my professional opinion, tell them what options they have, and what they could do to improve their tattoo. So, honestly, since I am sadly the worst when it comes to writing clients by email, DM or any text message, I decided to make this into a sort of live Tattoo Consultation show on Youtube, called The Tat Chat!

Tattoo Consultation Live on Youtube

The Tat Chat

So, The Tat Chat is a brand new Live Stream series, where I will answer any tattoo related questions. It’s perfect! You can show me your tattoo by uploading a photo in the form below . That way I can tell you my view as a tattoo artist and help you find the best way to improve your tattoo if it’s just a small adjustment, a huge coverup, or a combination of both.

Your tattoos

I will be showing your tattoos on the stream, and sketching my ideas for improvement. If you apply, you agree to show your name, image and question live on the stream. The stream is live on my channel, and will also stay visible after it ends. The video, and/or parts of it, might also be published/shared on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,  and LinkedIn.


If you don’t want your tattoo to be shown on screen, you can use the chat to ask any questions. I can’t promise that I will see it, or have time to answer it. Members of my Youtube channel and Super chats will be prioritized, but I promise I will do my very best to answer as many questions as possible.

So how does this work?

Go to The Tat Chat, or just use the form below.

So what can you expect from a tattoo consultation with me?

I will be able to see your tattoo, meaning I can answer most questions you should have connected to this tattoo. Some common examples of questions are:

  • Can I cover up this tattoo?
  • What are my options for improving this tattoo?
  • Do I need laser treatment before a coverup? How many sessions?
  • How much will it cost to adjust this tattoo vs a huge coverup?
  • What would you suggest as a background/addition/continuation on this tattoo?
  • Which style is my tattoo?

Remember that this is a consultation only. If you want me to make a design you may want to take a look at this!

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